Monday, March 24, 2014

Giving Andres More Work

Professor told me he didn't feel like sparring and probably shouldn't spar.  Tommy and Professor had done ten rounds of sparring earlier at Seward Park.  But he sparred with Andres anyway, because Andres needs the extra training for the 2014 Chicago Golden Gloves.

Alan also gave Andres work in the ring.  Their session got a little wild, with some hard hooks and powerful straight punches, and scuffles in the corners.

Andres delivered some deep punches when Alan held the punch shield for him.  "That's what I want!" Alan said when Andres landed the punches.

Alan was even more vocal when he held the punch shield for Jason.  "Come on, punch!  Sh#@!  Keep going, don't stop!  The round is not over!"

Colonel was grumbling.  His doctor said he could exercise, but to take it easy.  "I'll be 67 years old in July.  Believe that?  Three years from being seventy!  This getting old sucks!" Colonel said.  His son Kenny is still working on his book and putting in extra hours at his job.  I heard Colonel tell Alan that 21 people were laid off at Kenny's job.  People keep saying the job outlook is getting better.  Doesn't seem that way.  I spend most of my days working on building my own businesses.  Seems to be a waste of my time to send my resume into cyberspace where it disappears.

I'm surprised I was awake enough to do a workout.  I was watching an episode of "The Saint", an old TV show starring Roger Moore (who would go on be one of many actors who played James Bond).  "The Saint" was on at 3:00 AM, and the episode involved a boxer who died under mysterious circumstances.  So instead of forcing myself to go to sleep, I watched the show.  I finally nodded off in the middle of "Wanted: Dead or Alive" starring Steve McQueen, another actor who went on to bigger and better things.  My sleep patterns have been way off for months.

Andres was talking about being a heavy sleeper earlier.  Colonel and Alan suggested that Andres get up early to run.  "It should be easy for young people to wake up early," the older men said.  But that depends.  Some people are morning people, some are not.  I was a very heavy sleeper when I was younger, but a few years of going through menopause and just getting older in general seems to have ended that (and seems to have ended me having quality sleep as well).  But I've never been a morning person, not even when I was a little girl.  If I was doing roadwork, I'd be running later in the day.

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