Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trying To Avoid Stroger

The weather temperatures were not that bad, but still, most of the nineteen people who signed up for the winter session did not show up.  In the photo above, Shane, Sean, and Jason warm up.

"The sooner you go to Stroger to see what's going on with your leg, the sooner you can get back to this," Alan told me.  It was the second day I did no workout.  Earlier, Alan was walking behind me as I made my way down the hall to the gym.  "Don't you want to sit home and watch TV?" I heard him ask.  "There's nothing on except for the Winter Olympics, and they rerun the events again after the 10:00 PM news," I replied.  I seldom leave the house these days other than to go grocery shopping, run miscellaneous errands, and going to the very occasional and rare job interview.  Going to the gym, even though I can't do much of a workout these days, has become the highlight of my week.   Alan shook his head and grinned.  "I know what I'm telling you is falling on deaf ears," he said.  Truth be told, I was thinking of bringing my gear in next week and resuming working out, regardless of what is going on with my leg.

Sean and Shane sparred with each other, and in this photo, Alan gives them instruction.  They got some good hits on each other.  Alan kept joking that the guys must not like each other.

A guy named Thomas came in, and said he used to train with Barry.  Thomas wanted some information about joining the adult program.  His concern was being able to get sparring in with someone who was his height and weight.  The closest person I could think of at that moment was Andres, but Andres hasn't been able to train at the gym on a regular basis.  Sam might had also been a good partner, too, but neither he nor Lindsey have been in the gym for weeks.

Alan was impressed with how Alicia is improving.  I also hear praises about her from Carl, I guy I know around the neighborhood.  Carl keeps saying he's going to try the gym out.  "I have to lose some more weight," Carl always tells me.  I often hear women say that, but it's rare to hear a guy make that statement.  But isn't one of the purposes of the gym to lose weight?  So why wait to drop pounds before going there?

Keith came in a little later, and he and Alan sparred.  They took it at an even pace the first couple of rounds, but then they opened up on each other during the third round.  I was standing on the apron the ring, ready with a water bottle and a bucket.

Alan popped Keith with a right hook that appeared to stun the younger man.  Then Alan got Keith with a jab.  Keith sent Alan back into the ropes a lot, and they were holding enough times for me to have to call "Break!" several times.  I was watching closely, hoping as usual that the brawl wouldn't end with someone being seriously hurt.  Yet they did have a good sparring session.

Martin, Keith, and Jason did a burn out near the end of the evening, beating on the "Roger" bag.  Keith's form was very good.  Martin is slowly getting back into training, and Jason appears to just be starting out.

I got my tax refund back -- in time to pay rent for March -- and there may be a little extra to buy a kettlebell training DVD especially for Baby Boomers such as myself.  I'm thinking that strength training may be the key to overcome the mobility problems I'm experiencing with my left leg.  Alicia was kind enough to give me some ointment samples that may be useful in cutting down on some leg discomfort I've been having.  I have to keep working on doctoring myself; anything to keep from sitting around Stroger Hospital all day.

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