Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The No Workout Time

I hadn't been outside all day long, so I had no idea how low the temperatures had dropped again.  As usual, I limped to the gym, but I did not bring my gear.  This is the week that Alan suggested that I don't work out because of the ongoing problems with my leg.  It was odd to be at the gym and not do a workout.  But I made myself useful by assisting with coaching the few who arrived at the gym.

Matthew sparred with Andres.  Andres wants to fight in the Golden Gloves; he already has his license.  It was the first time that Andres had been in the gym in awhile.

Here, Alan monitors the action between Matthew and Andres.

Alicia hits one of the heavy bags, while Jason watches Matthew and Andres sparring.  Jason asked Alan to show him how to jump rope.  "I used to be able to jump for a long time, but I think my knees can't take it much anymore," Alan told me.  I also showed Jason how to jump rope, but my knees wouldn't let me do that for too long, either.  As for Alicia, I showed her how to hold her hands better, and how to throw hooks properly.  I also noticed that Brandon was shuffling his feet to reset himself back into his stance after throwing punches.  If someone notices him doing that during sparring or during a fight, they'll use that moment to get a punch in.  Alan agreed with me.  "Don't always throw the same punches and move the same way each time so the other person can't predict what is coming next," the coach said.

I learned that Jason lives way out in the southern suburbs.  That's dedication to come all the way up to the far north side of the city to train, especially in this weather.  The weather has been affecting attendance big time this session.  I have to appreciate all who continue to make their way to the gym despite of that.

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