Monday, February 17, 2014

Back To The Workout

When I arrived at the gym, only Alan was there.  Minutes later, Alicia came in, and that was it for the night.  Some more snow fell on the city.  Also, it was Presidents' Day, and as usual, a lot of people probably thought the gym was closed.

My left leg felt good all day.  Then I had to leave the house to walk to the gym down sidewalks and streets that had not been shoveled nor plowed.  I was limping by the time I got to the field house.  But the ointments that Alicia had given me last week have been working.  My leg is not nearly as painful or stiff as it has been. I brought my gear with me, and I was able to do a workout without much difficulty.

Alan told me he cleaned his house for 12 hours the other day from top to bottom.  I wish had that much motivation to do housework as I do to show up to the gym.  But seriously . ..who am I kidding?  What I really wish is that I had a maid.  I've been wishing for a maid since I was five years old.

This is a photo of my niece's fiance, my niece Jalissa, and my stepmother.  We had lunch over the weekend, and it was first time I met my niece's fiance.  My niece had told Gerard that I box some time ago.  I was telling him about the two times I knocked people out during sparring, and the time Alan bloodied my nose with an uppercut.  Gerard was surprised.  "See, I told you that she boxes," my niece said.  He laughed when my niece told him how my other niece -- her older sister -- got on Alan about giving me that uppercut last summer.  "I was just playing with Aunt Hillari's coach about being mad, but Erica was serious!" Jalissa laughed.

Alan took this picture of me.  When more people show up next week, I might be ready for some sparring.

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