Thursday, February 06, 2014

Banned For My Own Good

Alan watches as Edward does his homework.  Edward had to solve a series of math problems involving fractions.  I shuddered when I saw his assignment.  It reminded me of how I struggled with math when I was in grade and high school.  Yet Edward didn't appear to be very intimidated by the numbers.

Leo and Keith were the only two who sparred.  It appeared that Leo was taking a lot of shots from Keith because Leo wasn't keeping his hands up, especially during the first round.

Professor might have had to work, and most likely, so did Jamil, which probably explains why they were not in the gym.  Alan and I saw Ben when we walked into the field house, but Ben didn't come to the gym.  We were a little puzzled about that.  Igor didn't show, which is always a good thing.  But as for some of the others who weren't there. . . .I have a feeling they may not return.  The weather is a factor, I know.  I used to love snow.  But slogging through it to get anywhere this winter -- and it snowed again last night -- has officially become irritating.  I slipped and fell the other day, too, and yep, I fell right on the leg that has been bothering me since before Christmas.

Brandon works the heavy bag in this photo.

Alan told me I was going to be banned from the gym  "Banned?  Why?" I asked.  "Hillari, you were walking fine when you first got here.  But now I see limping again.  You should lay off of training, at least for a week," he answered.  Alan then told me I can come to the gym next week, but I should just sit down when I'm there.  Martin suggested, as Alan had previously, that I should go to Stroger Hospital to find out what is going on with my left leg.  But I'm not a fan of free clinics and charity hospitals.  One reason is that the medical staff have no respect for any one's time, let alone the fact that people are seeking medical attention.  I have to spend the bulk of my days looking for a job, and spending eight hours or more in a waiting room hoping that I'll be seen at some point is not a good use of my time. But I'm now beginning to wonder if what I'm experiencing is more than just a possible torn or sprained muscle.  I'm perplexed -- sometimes it seems to be healing, albeit slowly, then the next minute, I'm in pain again, struggling to keep my balance.

It will be hard just sitting and standing around in the gym, but that will give me a chance to work on my coaching skills by observing others do in the gym while they work out and spar.

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