Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Reygie Makes A Return

Reygie, who's shadow boxing in the above photo, came in the gym.  He hadn't been there in about a year.  Reygie is a personal trainer at a fitness center out in the north suburbs.  It was very good to see him.  He has about 25 to 30 clients that he works with at his job.  Each client has different fitness goals they want to reach.  Reygie does an assessment with them first before mapping out a fitness plan for them.  

There were extra people in the gym, including Ozzie (in this photo shadow boxing), Nate, and Jason.  No one wanted to spar, however.  Matthew said that he lost his mouthpiece, and that he has to buy a new one.  My left leg is still not 100%, although if Brenda had been in the gym, I would have been up for some light sparring.

Alan suggested that I go to Stroger Hospital (the replacement for the old Cook County Hospital) to have a doctor look at my leg.  "I know you might have to sit there all day, but at least someone will check it out," he said.  A good suggestion, but I don't have the time to sit around at Stroger.  I have bad memories of doing the same at the old Cook County Hospital, and it wasn't even for me.  The last time I was at the County, I was with my younger sister.  Neither one of us knew it at the time that the symptoms she was experiencing were due to cancer.  My sister hadn't investigated whether or not she had insurance via her job. The County, just like Stroger does now, took care of people who had no insurance.  We didn't get out of there until after 2:00 AM.  I grumbled to my sister that I found it impossible to believe that she had absolutely no insurance.  "I'm not coming up to the County again," I snapped.  Later, my sister went to the human resources department, learned she did have insurance, and she went to a better hospital.  That was back in the year 2000; I never set foot in the County again, and it closed a few years later.

Alicia was working hard again, as usual.  Even Reygie noticed that and complimented her on it.  She asked me how to wrap her hands.  I didn't notice that she didn't have hand wraps before.  I showed her the quick way that I wrap my hands.  Alan had wrapped Nate's hands, drawing the wrap in-between his fingers.  Nate was trying to duplicate what the coach had done on one hand on his other hand.  I tried to help him with wrapping in-between his fingers, but I wasn't telling Nate the right thing.  I watched as Alan wrapped Nate's other hand, and learned how to do that.  

Nate and Brandon share a workout on "Roger", the big red heavy bag.

Jason works the other heavy bag.  

Reygie snapped this picture.  Alan looks as if he was aware of the photo being taken, but I was clueless.  It's a nice shot.  It had to had been taken near closing time, because I'm putting on my winter boots.  I almost didn't come to the gym because I couldn't shake the foul mood I had been in since the day before.  It was a cummulation of just being tired of being frustrated by everything that has gone on since late summer of last year.  But I'm glad I pushed myself out of the house, because I was in a much better mood after I arrived there.  

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