Thursday, January 30, 2014

Watching the Coach Fight

Alan said that it looked as if I was limping more than I was the other day.  I was, and I was slogging through the workout.  It was one of the few times in the gym where I did not touch any of the equipment.  It was all shadow boxing.

Igor said nothing to me, which was fine with me. I ignored Igor the whole time.  I talked to everyone else who showed up, including Martin, who had hoped that Graubien could come in.  But Graubien hadn't returned Martin's phone call.  "I've forgotten everything," Martin smiled.  Alan worked with him on the basics.

Alan sparred with Leo first.  My leg was bothering me, so I put off working out for awhile to stand on the apron of the ring and give water to the guys as needed.  Leo got caught a few times because his hands were down, and his feet were together.  "Relax," Alan kept telling him, because Leo was a little stiff.  After Leo, Alan sparred with Keith (in the photo above).  I don't give very many instructions when I'm observing the sparring sessions.  If Alan is the other fighter in the ring, he will usually give instructions in-between the punches.  I will wait until after the session is over to point out what I saw.

Alan fell against the ropes during one of the rounds.  I'm not sure if it was because Keith caught Alan with a punch, or if Alan slipped.  I worried that the coach had gotten hurt, but Alan recovered quickly, and the session resumed.  I noticed that Keith kept his form most of the time.

Keith rests after the sparring session.

Later, Keith held the pads for Brenda.  I would have liked to do some light sparring with Brenda, but my leg wouldn't allow me to do that.  Hopefully next week, I'll be able to spar with Brenda, Alicia, and Liliana (Sam's wife hasn't been to the gym in awhile, and she didn't want to spar).  Alan teased Liliana by saying that Alicia wanted to take her on.  Liliana laughed when she told me, "Sparring?  Maybe next year!"

Liliana asked Alan if he had any fights in the past.  "Back in the dinosaur era. . . .", Alan began.  "Dinosaur?"  Liliana asked.  "You know what those are, right?" Alan said.  "Alan is one," I laughed.

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