Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Advice Regarding The Golden Gloves

The Chicago Golden Gloves boxing tournament begins next month.  Registration for the tournament takes place this month.  Fighters in gyms around the city are gearing up to prepare for the event.  I've often thought about what I would tell those who want to compete if I was the main coach in a gym. . . .

1)  Take it seriously because others will.

Several years ago, I was in attendance at a Chicago Park District boxing show.  During one fight, I heard one person yelling instructions from the crowd to one of the fighters.  When the fight ended, I heard the same person in the crowd say, "Don't worry about it. . . .it's just a sparring session anyway."  However, no fighter can afford to think like that at the Gloves.  The Gloves are a stepping stone to those who are a) planning to go on to the National Golden Gloves as well as other sanctioned tournaments to try for a spot at the Summer Olympics, or b) planning to go straight on into professional boxing.  People will bring their A game to the ring, and punch through opponents in order to win the championship.

2)  Last minute training ain't gonna get it.  

The best time to start training for the Gloves is a few months before the tournament, not a couple of weeks before.  I've seen some exceptions here and there, where some show up at the eleventh hour, enter the tournament, and win.  But that is not the norm.

3)  Sparring is not the only training method.

Yes, sparring is an important part of the training process, but other things have to be done, too.  Roadwork, bag and pad work, eating right and losing weight, cardio exercises, and getting proper rest are part of it, as well.

4) Stick with a team.

In the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the author putting emphasis on putting together a team of people to assist in reaching success.   The same thing should be done in preparation for success at the Gloves.  There's the coach, others at the gym whose opinions one trusts, supportive family and friends, etc.

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