Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Presidents In The Ring

I didn't take any pictures at the gym, so here is a lovely picture of our president, Barack Obama.  He took boxing lessons when he was a kid.  His stepfather taught him.

Alan told Jason he was surprised that he came out to the gym.  The temperatures have gone back down and the wind was blowing hard.  Remember, Jason lives way out in the south suburbs.  "The cold doesn't bother me," Jason told Alan.  Not many others came in other than Brandon, Martin, Alicia, and near the end of the evening, Josh.

Did you know that President Gerald Ford was an assistant boxing coach at Yale in 1935?  Neither did I.

As Jason and I threw around the medicine ball again, it occurred to me that there hasn't been any sparring for a while in the gym.  Some guys who attend on and off always seem to show up when there's no one for them to spar with, then they're gone again for awhile.  Most of the women who come in don't want to spar, which cuts down on the opportunities I have to spar (that is, when I'm not dealing with an injury like I am currently). As it gets closer to the opening of the Golden Gloves, maybe some people will show up to get some extra sparring in, but who knows?

President Dwight Eisenhower was an amateur boxer at one time.  So were US presidents James Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

I saw this lady, Joan Rivers, in person last night.  The college I graduated from brings in various notable people to give speeches each year.  The speeches are free, but people have to make a reservation, then get there early enough to get a ticket.  The main takeaway from her speech was reinvention.  She talked about the struggles to get her career back on track after the late Johnny Carson banned her from "The Tonight Show" and NBC, and her husband committed suicide.  I feel that I'm in danger of being chronically unemployed, and I seriously need to reinvent myself.  Boxing is one of the ways I've been trying to do that.  But maybe I've been going about it the wrong way.  I have to do some brainstorming.

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