Monday, March 03, 2014

Testosterone and A Little Estrogen

Henry, seen in this photo, watches as Professor holds the punch mitts for Andres.  Professor worked with Andres most of the time, as Andres will compete in the Chicago Golden Gloves in a few days.

I was surprised that Alicia didn't come in.  She said that she doesn't live far from the gym.  I hope she's okay. I was the only woman in the gym.  The other people in the gym were Brandon and Jason.  Everyone else was MIA.  It was another freezing cold day, but I didn't notice the temperatures much as I walked to the gym.  Maybe I'm getting used to it.

Professor stressed to Andres to work on defense.  "Alan, do you think the other guy who'll come out against Andres at the Gloves will come out with hooks or just swinging?" he asked.  "It's hard to tell, but Andres is not going to come out of his corner swinging," Alan replied.  Andres is a big man; he doesn't have to swing wildly.

"Maybe I should rethink this," Alan grinned before stepping into the ring with Andres.  Alan slipped once and fell to his knees.  He wasn't hurt then, but Andres did rock Alan a few times after that.  Professor stood on the apron, calling out instructions to Andres and complimenting him on technique.

Jason wanted to throw the medicine ball around again.  I suggested to Henry that he toss the ball around with him, and he did.  My leg was stiff, and I wasn't really up to working with the medicine ball.

I managed to get a good workout in, however, including throwing some hard hooks to the "Roger" bag.  I noticed some splits on that bag.  Sooner or later, some more duct tape will probably have to be used to fix it.

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