Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Workout Crowd

I was returning to the gym after filling up the water bottles when I spotted Josh.  When we got into the room, he commented, "It's crowded in here, is it?  Why is that?"  "The winter session started a couple of weeks ago," I answered.  "So it will be like this for a couple more weeks then people will drop out," he smiled.  Maybe so, maybe not.  The crop of people that's in there now may be around for awhile.

Professor told me that he really liked working with Brenda, Liliana (Edward's mom), and Alicia.  He held pads for them and also taught them some exercises with the medicine ball.  I told Alan I'll be glad when my leg gets better so I can spar with any of the women who want to spar.

Alan and Kevin sparred for a few rounds.  I wasn't doing much of a workout because I got tired of fussing with my leg, so I stood on the apron of the ring to watch.  Kevin got in some hits that had Alan rolling along the ropes and into the corners.

Before Sean and Shane sparred, Shane was asked about hitting his friend in the mouth.  "I'm not going to hit him that hard," Shane said.  Alan is refereeing in this photo.

The swelling under Ben's eye had gone down.  "I used ice and ibuprofen," he said.  But Ben's right eye was black, and I could see blood in that eye.  It didn't stop him from sparring with Professor, and they were going at it.  "What did your wife say when she saw your eye?" I asked Ben.  "She's seen me injured before, so she was cool," he said.

Another reason I didn't do much of a workout was because as Josh pointed out earlier, the gym was crowded.  I noticed that the new ring and new configuration of some items has cut down a little on the available floor space in the gym.  The new people in particular need to have a chance to use the equipment, so I figured it wouldn't be a big deal if I limited how much exercise I was going to do.  But I'm starting to itch to do more, especially since I didn't get any fights last year.

Alan dropped me off at home, and he asked me how my leg was.  "It doesn't seem to be getting better," when I told him that it was better than it had been.  "I don't have shooting pains anymore.  It's just taking time.  I just have to get used to getting old," I said.  "You and me both," Alan replied.

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