Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Boxing On A Reverend's Holiday

"My leg is still the same," I told Alan.  He grinned and shook his head.  Colonel told me people were going to start calling me "Hoppy" after awhile.  "It hurts every day, all day," I let them know.  Women have high tolerance for pain.  I'm thinking we must have.  "How long has this been going on?  Two weeks?" Alan asked me.  "A month," I replied.  "Hillari, you've got to go to the doctor. . . .come on," Alan said in a serious tone.  "I know, but I can't. . .", I said, dropping the rest of the excuses about not having money nor insurance.  "I know, but you've got to find out what's going on.  It may be a torn muscle.  Surgery may be needed," Alan said.  I sure hope not.  I can't afford to be laid up anywhere for any amount of time for any reason right now.

It was snowing outside and the temperatures have dropped way down low again.  Not many came to the gym, probably because of that, and also because it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Sam was there without Lindsey, who had an engagement elsewhere.  Alicia and Liliana came in, as did Professor and Brandon.

Sam and Professor sparred.  "Sam's got some talent," Colonel said, and I agreed.  Sam was good in keeping his hands up and his form straight.   Sam kept his eyes on Professor.  I heard Professor say, "I want to get into the Golden Gloves, and I want the punches to come at my face so I can practice blocking them with my hands."  It was a good sparring session.

I finally mailed off confirmation of my renewal for my coach's license off this past Saturday.  I had to put a copy of it on a memory stick and take it to the closest Internet cafe to me in order to print it out (I don't have a working printer at home).  Now I don't have to worry about that for the rest of the year.

Alan, Colonel, and Professor got into a conversation about women that started when Professor commented on the attractiveness of a woman.  "I like all women," Alan grinned slyly.  "See, Alan's telling his business about when he was young. . .playa!" I laughed.  "I like all women, too," Colonel grinned.  I believe both Alan and Colonel were something else when they were young men, based on stories they've told me that can't really be repeated on a family blog.  Some women have similar stories about "I was a fast one when I was younger," but they're never the same type of stories like the ones men tell.  It's funny to me.

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