Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Mouse Under Ben's Eye

Roll call at the gym: Brandon, Brenda, Ben, Kevin, Alicia, Edward's mom (I have to get the correct spelling of her name), Sam, Lyndsey, Jamil (who hadn't been there for a couple of years), and Professor.

Ben was ready to spar, so he got in the ring with Kevin.  Kevin got several shots into Ben's mid-section, and Ben just took them.  The big surprise came when their sparring session was done.  Ben had a huge mouse under his right eye.  "Really?  Freaking great!" Ben smiled when I told him.  He ran to the nearest mirror to get a better look at it.  Lyndsey was horrified.  "What if he has a job to go to with that?" she said.  "There's been a lot of people who will beg off of sparring especially if they have a presentation to give at work or have to meet with clients.  They don't want to show up with bruises," I told her.  Ben explained to her that he teaches self-defense, a job that involves getting hurt once in awhile.

Sam told me he wanted to learn the basics of boxing a little better before sparring.  But several minutes later, he was suiting up to get in the ring with Jamil.  Lyndsey, his wife, said, "Oh, no, no!  I have to leave the room for awhile.  I can't watch this!"  After Alan, Sam, and Jamil assured her that it would be light sparring, Lyndsey stayed, but she was still worried.  Alan was impressed with how Sam kept his form intact the entire time.

Professor held pads for Brandon, Jamil and Brenda, giving them all good tips.  He said that Tommy, the head of boxing for the park district, is training people at Seward now that Oscar is gone, but the coach position over there is still open.  I need to call over there to see what's going on, since I applied for the position.  Things appear to be looking up job-wise for the moment, because I had a very good interview at an university for an office position last week, the second position I'm waiting to hear about.  The person I would be answering to at the university fought in the Golden Gloves years ago.

I worked out as best I could with my bum left leg again, but it was better than it has been.  I alternate between helping people out -- I showed Alicia how to hit the speed bag -- doing my own workout, and taking breaks.  I want to spar, especially since Brenda is willing to do so, but thoughts of re-injuring my leg keep running through my mind.

The schedule for the Chicago Golden Gloves is out, and it's going to take place at Cicero Stadium again this year.  It starts in early March and will end in early April.  I still have to mail proof of my coach's license renewal to Wisconsin, and I need to do it soon.  There is going to be a Masters' Division included.  Sigh. . .if it wasn't for diabetes I'd have an amateur boxer's license so I could get a match, too.

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