Monday, December 02, 2013

December Begins

When Alan got to the gym, I was the only one waiting outside the gym door.  "Just you, eh?" he said.  Not long afterwards, Kenny and John walked in, followed by Colonel, Keith, Gabriel and Andre Two.  Andre Two spoke to everybody, but he didn't stay long.

In this photo, Gabriel watches as Keith tries to jam up John in the corner.  Keith and John had a lively sparring session.  John had said something about feeling tired, but afterwards, Alan noted that Keith was well-rested.

Kenny had to get a piece of Keith next.  I kept an eye on Keith to see how he could handle Kenny's quickness.  Kenny was backed into a corner, but only for a moment.  Colonel told Keith,  "Don't let him get out of the corner," but as soon as he said it, Kenny slipped away from Keith's punches.

Teacher John and I sparred, and in this photo, it looks like I was trying to get a hook in to his mid-section.  Kenny had told me at the end of the first round to not go for the overhand rights and jabs, because John was too tall.  But John did not make it easy for me to get in hooks, because John covers up like a turtle.

Alan was hitting one of the heavy bags later.  Colonel and I were by the lockers talking.  Colonel noticed Alan and told me, "Ask Alan if he's trying to be one of the brothers!"  Alan's shorts had slipped down some, and his underwear was showing a little.  I caught sight of a tattoo. The coach had told me he had a tattoo a few years ago.  "I'm not gonna show you where it is," he grinned.  Now I know why.  "Alan, are you trying to be a brother?" I asked, and both Colonel and I cracked up laughing.  Alan had to laugh, too.  "I'm going to have to face the bag in the other direction!" he grinned.

I finally remembered to take a picture of the poster for J.J.'s fight, which will take place this Friday.  Someone -- it may have been Alan -- told me that if J.J. keeps his undefeated record going, he just may be up for a state title shot soon.  I hope so.

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