Saturday, November 30, 2013

Inquiring Minds Want To Know About Females Who Box

Here are various comments and questions that I get most of the time:

1.  Why?
2.  Doesn't it hurt to get punched?
3.  Hillari, can't you find something else to do? (my late mother asked me that several years ago)
4.  I just don't have that kind of anger (aggression, toughness, etc.) to throw punches at another person.
5.  Hillari. . .you could get hurt!
6.  Hillari, you need to stop that.
7.  Hillari, be a lady!
8.  Ooh, I'd better not mess with you!
9.  Women shouldn't box! (usually said by males over the age of twelve)
10, When is the boxing season over?  (then I have to explain it's not like football, baseball, etc.)
11. When is your next fight?
12. And. . . .how OLD are you?
13. Do you spar with guys? (followed by a gasp when I answer affirmatively)
14. How many women are in the gym?
15. Girls don't box! (usually said by males who are under the age of twelve)
16. Hillari, have you been knocked out?  (followed by looks of horror when I answer yes)
17. What made you interested in boxing?
18. Work the jab! (my late Uncle Willard told me that)
19. People die from that! (my late younger sister told me that)
20. I'm glad to see women in boxing.  (once in awhile I get this one)

Have any to add to this list?

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