Thursday, December 05, 2013

Working Before A Fight

Alan and Kenny watch as Teacher John and Gabriel spar.  John needed to get the extra practice in because Alan got him a fight tomorrow at Portage Park.

Gabriel brought his father with him to the gym.  His father watched the sparring with interest.

Gabriel also sparred with Kenny.  Kenny used his quickness to get around Gabe's arms.

I wasn't so lucky when I sparred with Gabe.  He let me get a lot of side hooks and body shots in, but I couldn't do anything when those long arms came back at me.  I couldn't catch him easily, either.  It's the long legs.  Gabe is about the only person in the gym who can step over the ropes when he comes out of the ring. Tonight, he was jumping over the ropes with ease.  After our rounds, Gabe told me that I had good cardio.  "Even better than me!" he said.  I was gassed out afterwards.  But if Gabe thinks I have good wind, I should work harder outside of the gym to improve it even more.

Matthew came in to workout, but I'm not sure if he's fighting tomorrow or not.

A look at the date and time on my computer indicates that it is now December 5th. . . .today would have been my mother's 81st birthday.  I always knew she'd outlive Dad, but I also thought she'd live well into her 80s.  When I saw Gabe's dad, I wondered if either one of my parents would have ever visited the gym.  Most likely Dad would not have, and used an "I'm too busy excuse", as usual when one of the kids asked him to do something.  But Ma might have out of curiosity.  However, she probably would have been scandalized to see me sparring with guys.

I held the black heavy bag for Alan while he punched it.  I really had to use my low center of gravity to hold on the bag and keep it steady.  Alan was really hitting it.  "Watch your head," he warned me.  Afterwards, he grinned, "Not bad for an old white guy, huh?"

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