Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Headgear Was Off

A guy named Sean came in just to check out the gym.  Jilberto had opened the door for Igor and myself, and I was glad to talk to Sean if only to avoid the usual incoherent questions and statements that come from Igor. I explained how the gym runs to Sean.  Sean hadn't boxed in about four years; he had been at Clarendon for awhile, then bounced around various private gyms.  He plans to come back on Monday to pay the fee.

Matthew, Orrest, Teacher John, Phil, and Marcus (in the photo above) made up the rest of the people who came in.  First up for sparring should have been John and I, but my stomach lurched again.  I sat on the sidelines, but I was determined to spar since I had skipped it the other day.

John sparred with others while I got myself together.  I told Alan, "I've got an idea.   I'll spar without headgear.  John and I will go light and work on defense."  Alan gave me a look.  "Okay, if that's what you want to do," he said.  While getting gloves, I tripped over one of the step blocks that I use to stand on to reach the speed bag.  I had also tripped stepping out of the ring earlier when I initially begged off sparring with John.  Alan waved his hands.  "No, forget it.  You're not sparring," he said.  "I just tripped over the step.  I'm clumsy today," I protested as Marcus helped up from the floor.

It was different without the headgear.  I wasn't wearing a mouthpiece, either, which was a no-no.  It was extremely important to keep my hands up and protect my head and face.  I got popped a couple of times (once in the eye), but John wasn't hitting as hard as he could have.  He showed me how to throw a couple of jabs, follow with a right, then follow up with a left hook to the head.  The way John was leaning in put him in a good position for me to follow up with a hook.  It was a good combination.  I practiced it further when I got on the heavy bag.

I would like to spar without headgear again; however, it seems unfair if the other person is wearing theirs.  Also, there's always the possibility of me really getting clocked by an incoming punch.  But then, I like to live dangerously at times.

Like Matthew in the photo above, I took a turn on the speed bag.  I just imagined the bag was the face of an ex-boss.  I have several difficult bosses to choose from, so I kept rotating the faces as I was hitting the bag.  Boxing is good therapy, and I have needed that over these past couple of months.

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