Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sparring With My Stomach

I was going to spar with Keith.  Just as I reached up to pull my headgear out of my locker, my stomach flipped flopped.  My stomach had acted up a little before I left the house, but I ignored it.  Teacher John first noticed my discomfort.  "Are you okay?" he asked.  I sat down on a nearby folding chair.  "Ehh, my stomach," I sighed.  Keith and Alan looked at me.  "Why were you going to spar?" Alan asked.  "It just started now," I answered.

Keith and John sparred and I sat and watched them, my arms wrapped around my stomach.  I didn't eat much -- a peanut butter sandwich in the morning, and watermelon chunks for lunch.  I haven't been eating a lot since early September.  I'm still able to buy food at the moment.  That's not the issue.  My appetite has disappeared.  I think this is the longest time I've not been in the mood to eat.

When the sparring was over, Alan checked on me again.  "How do you feel?" he asked.  "A little better," I said.  "Pregnant?" Alan said.  I fell out laughing.

In this photo, Alan shadow boxes as he watches Keith and John spar.

John and Alan compared notes about their sons, who are close in age.  John asked me, "Hillari, I don't remember. . . .you've never been married?"  "Nope, and I never had kids," I answered.  "You're probably better off," John laughed.

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