Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Blog and My Rules, Ya Know?

This morning, I woke up angry with knots in my stomach.  Another day was spent at home when I could have been working and should have been working.  But thanks to certain individuals at my former job, the rug has been pulled out from under me.  I don't care if they are still reading this blog; they know who they are, and they've already did damage to my life.  If they have got a problem with what I write, that's too bad.  This blog not only covers boxing, but other aspects of life that are influenced and affected by it.

Earlier, a friend of my ex-boss got online and told me that I was being "mean", and that I should be forgiving towards the ex-boss instead.  I politely set that friend straight, which didn't help my mood.  It was another one of those days when I was glad to go to the gym and let off some steam.  I didn't feel like sparring, but I got a good workout in on all of the heavy bags.

Andre Two was waiting when I got to the gym.  He told me he's been training at a gym up on Cicero and Peterson.  "They have a women's conditioning class.  Hillari, you're advanced, so the class probably wouldn't be too hard for you.  It would just push you to the next level," he said.  Andre Two is helping to teach the class, so I may go down there and check it out.

Gabriel came in after being out for awhile.  At first, Gabriel thought he would have no sparring partners, but then Matthew walked in.

Next, Gabriel took on Keith.  Keith got crowded many times, but redeemed himself by throwing a lot of body shots.

Then Gabriel got in the ring with Seth.  Seth kept getting backed up into the corners, but he would eventually move and punch his way out.  Seth also got Gabriel a couple of times in the face.  Gabriel complimented him on that.

I have to say a prayer for Alan tonight.  He's got to have some surgery on his eye tomorrow.  "I hope it goes well," I told him.  "I hope so, too, otherwise, I'll be One-Eye", he joked.

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