Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rainy Day Punches

I remember my late mother, who was a casual boxing fan, saying of Ken Norton Sr., "Norton's an intelligent boxer."  She liked the way he carried himself in interviews.  Unfortunately, Mr. Norton is now the latest boxing legend who has passed on.  Norton was 70 years old.  Muhammad Ali suffered a broken jaw at the hands of Ken Norton during a fight they had back in 1973.  Ali lost to Norton in that bout.

The rain matched my sour mood earlier in the day. I'm not totally focused on the fight that I may have at the boxing show next week, and there are ongoing issues that need to be resolved with my former employer. Summer is not ending on a good note this year.

The crowd was a bit light:  Heather, Kyle, Malik, Matthew, Igor.  Ben With Glasses, who hadn't been in awhile, came in with a friend of his, Keith.  Alan encouraged the both of them to sign up if they wanted to continue on at the gym.

John brought in a double end bag, and when the evening was over, I put it in my locker for safekeeping.  It's good; after pumping air in it and hanging it up, it worked fine.  John held pads for Malik, who has some power in his hands.  Alan found out that Malik qualifies as a heavyweight.  Malik seems very interested in competing.  He was asking Alan a lot of questions about it.

I showed Heather how to throw uppercuts on the teardrop bag.  She wants to get in shape, but as for sparring and competing, that would be a no.  Outside of me, Heather's the only other woman in the gym this time around.

Mary asked me to sing the National Anthem at next week's boxing show.  I sure hope I'm in the mood to sing, because at the moment, I'm not.

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