Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Lack of Old Faces In Fall

In this photo, John gives a couple of the new people a lesson on the speed bag.  John is back in the gym after being gone for about a couple of years.  He's growing a beard and still trying to get used to it.  "I've never had a beard before!" he told me.

"Where are all the old faces?" John asked me.  Arnold came in to pick up a copy of my college transcript (there may be a job opening at his place of business), and Matthew came in.  Other than that, everyone else who was there was brand new.  It was, however, a good turnout for the first day of the fall session.

Malik talks with Alan.  I gave him a quick lesson on the speed bag, having him hit it lighter than he was.

Matt and Heather are a couple.  She jokingly told me they were using boxing as "couple's therapy".

John and I sparred lightly.  I had headgear on, but John didn't.  Alan told him to wear it the next time.  I tried the "work the body, then the head" routine with some success.  My heart wasn't totally in it, but I needed to move around.  There is a possibility that I might have a fight later this month at the Loyola Park boxing show, so I needed to get the practice in.

Phil and Orrest are also new.  I thought I heard Orrest (in the dark colored clothes) tell Alan that he wanted to spar.  "The first day here?" I thought to myself.  Some people come in eager to get started.

There were pieces of what looked like a ring out in the hallway.  Alan thought it might be a new ring to be installed in the boxing gym.  I hope so.  The current ring has seen better days, and the various patch jobs that have been done on it over the years aren't working well anymore.

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