Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My Focus Challenge

It took a lot for me to come out of my apartment today and go to the gym.  I had been holed up inside for most of the day, and remaining behind closed doors was looking more appealing.  But I had to get out, even though I had made the decision not the fight in the upcoming boxing show.  I can't.  I can't step into the ring with anyone right now and not be fully engaged in what is going on. Due to ongoing drama over the fallout at my former job, my focus has been way off.  A resolution is -- hopefully -- going to take place this week, which is the other reason.  I'll probably be late to the boxing show, which also means I won't be singing the National Anthem this year.    John was willing to work on defense with me in the gym, but I just couldn't muster up the motivation.

Gabriel was in the gym, and he sparred with Malik and Matthew.  Malik was throwing hard but wild punches.  One of them caught Gabriel in the nose, and there was blood.  However, Malik was done after a couple of rounds. "Gabe is hard to hit; Gabe's a southpaw," I told him. "Watch me, and if you see my hands down, tell me to put them up.  I want to protect my nose," Gabriel said to me before getting in the ring with Matthew.  Matthew got some hard body shots in.  Gabriel was rolling away from a lot of the other punches that came his way.

Seth sparred with Bearded John (yes, there are two Johns in the gym as well as two guys named Matthew). I think one round was done.  Later, I showed Bearded John how to use the double end bag.

I slogged through shadow boxing, did one round on a heavy bag, and one round on the speed bag.  Usually, I take out my anger on the bags, but I was moving in slow motion.  After awhile, I just gave in to my depressed mood and I sat down for the last fifteen minutes or so of gym time.

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