Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Gym Wife

John and Tony, seen in this photo sparring with each other, are some tough guys.  They were really taking it to each other.  "Tony's ready to go," I told Alan later, and he pointed out that John gave some good hits in Tony's direction.  Alan had to slow them down a few times.

Alan announced that there is another park district boxing show this Thursday up on Taylor Street.  Gabriel said he might go, and Tony has to check his schedule.  It would be nice if Tony could get a fight this time out.  The roll of the dice is funny at the park district shows, however.  Sometimes, just when a fighter thinks they have a sure thing, it doesn't happen.  I've been in that spot before.

None of the women showed up at the gym except for me.  I wasn't really big on sparring, but Franco wanted the practice, so I agreed to get into the ring.

It looks like I either took a hit from Franco in this photo, or I was warding a punch off.  Ever since Alan cracked me in my nose over a week ago, I feel like my nose has become a target.  Franco got me in it once.

I heard Franco say "I'm nervous about sparring with Hillari".  I'm guessing he was worried about hurting me. Franco gave me some good hits to my head and my mouth.  "Are you okay?" he kept asking.  I wasn't down and out on the canvas, so it was cool.

Franco was not easy to catch.  Oh, I got in some body punches here and there, but Franco would not allow himself to be caught up in the corners or against the ropes for too long.  I was usually met with a quick succession of left jabs and straight rights whenever I tried to move in and smother Franco.  I heard Alan tell me to throw a straight right a few times, but that wasn't easy to get in, either.

Professor came in mainly to observe.  He did give Gabriel and Tony some pad work, however, which they appreciated.  Then Professor had them doing burpees, which is one of the hardest exercises to do.  I personally haven't done those since I was in high school.  My knees won't let me do them now.


Alan joked that I was his "gym wife".  Ever heard the expression about the boss having a wife at home and a wife at work?  I'm the one reminding him about when the sessions begin and end, taking attendance, reminding him who's who in the gym -- in short, "nagging" Alan, if you will, to help him keep up on stuff in the gym.  It's the same thing. I was sort of an "office wife" to Les when I worked for the social service agency, until Les' nitpicking and petty bickering put a wedge between us the last few years I was there.  I don't consider myself such to Pastor Roger at church, mainly because the pastor got a bit offended when I chuckled about it in the office once.  "I don't think my wife would appreciate that," the pastor said before going into some long speech about the sanctity of marriage complete with Bible verses.  Some people totally miss the humor.  Whatever. At least I know, Alan appreciates my opinions and help at the gym, so it's a good "marriage".

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