Thursday, August 08, 2013

No Sparring To Be Had

In this photo, Khan uses the old pull weights that are attached to the wall in the gym.

Alan told me there was no one for me to spar.  "They don't want a piece of you," he joked.  It turned out that no one sparred that evening.  Everyone worked on technique.

My right hip wasn't feeling right.  My left knee was acting up again, too.  Both Alan and Gabriel noticed I was moving slow.  "Have you gone to the doctor to have your knee checked out yet?" Gabriel asked.  I have to schedule a mammogram before the month is out, so I might as well have that injured knee looked at too.  I keep having a feeling that it'll be discovered that my left knee is still very jacked up two years after I was hit by a car while crossing Clark Street.  Surgery may be in my future.

The overall stiffness I feel daily (especially when I first wake up in the mornings), in addition to always feeling sore in various places is making me wonder if I should take on another fight.  Loyola Park's boxing show is next month.  I may end up with a match, but I'm seriously considering making it my last.  Getting older is not an issue for me, but not being able to move as easily and as fast as I used to has become a big concern.  As usual, everyone has been on me to stop, especially when word got out about my nose being bloodied up a couple of weeks ago.  My nieces Erica and Jalissa told me, "Auntie, please take care of yourself."

I'm hard-headed.  But I can't keep ignoring the wear and tear on me.  So depending on how much damage I sustain, regardless if I win or lose, I might stop competing for real.  I've said that before, but this time, I really need to give it some serious consideration.

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