Saturday, August 03, 2013

Trying To Work Everything In

Pedro (who appears to have been gaining more and more confidence in the ring) mixes it up with tall Matthew in the photo above.

Wow. . . .today is Saturday, and I'm just now making the second posting of the week on this blog.  I've been a bit distracted because of trying to make four income streams work online.  This blog is one of them.  The other three are, SFI (Strong Futures International), and  All of them are just producing pennies at the moment, but I'm hoping that changes.  Maybe I'm just doing too much at one time.  But I have to do something.  Last night, I attended a performance of the Chicago Shakespeare Theater in Loyola Park (the play done was A Comedy of Errors).  I ran into a couple, Eva and Tim, whom I used to work with years ago.  They told me they're both dealing with unemployment.  I'm dealing with underemployment, which is just as problematic, with seemingly no end in sight.  If only I could make boxing -- coaching, promoting, managing -- a full time job, I'd be happy.

Sarah returned to the gym, and she and I sparred as can be seen from the photo above.

Here I attempted to get in a right hook (Alan took the pictures).  Notice how high I had to reach.  I don't think that hook connected.

The left jab that Sarah put out here probably did connect.  I look like I'm walking into it in this photo.

I might have been hit with something here.  Doesn't it look like I'm weaving?

I reached up with another right hook here.  I don't think that connected either.  I think I telegraph too many of my punches, because Sarah usually blocks most of them.

The focus on starting online businesses have also distracted me from going up to Hamlin Park.  I had planned to go there a few days ago to get some sparring in.  I also could have gone this morning, but I was busy working online.  I keep feeling guilty because I know Bill has invited me to come up there many times.  Now here it is late summer, and I still haven't made it.  I'll try again next week because I need the extra workout. My plans to pull out the exercise DVDs at home haven't come to pass this year, either.

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