Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Good Overhand and Rough Work Days

I forgot the camera again, but I will put photos up that sort of relate to this post and this blog.  The photo above features my lovely nieces, my late younger sister's daughters.  That was taken on the same day the both of them came down to the boxing gym and mildly admonished Alan for giving me a bloody nose.

The heavy bags got an extra workout tonight because for the second time in six months, I was royally ticked off at work.  I am so thankful there are such things as heavy bags to take my frustrations out on.  

This picture is from three years ago.  Alan was helping Evangelina put on gloves.  Evangelina and I are friends on Facebook, but she hasn't been to the gym in a long, long time.  

There was a very light crowd at the gym.  Khan, Taheerah, Gabriel, Amy, and Matthew were in attendance.  Gabriel sparred with Alan.  I noticed that Gabriel was using his elbow a lot to ward Alan off.  Alan explained that as long as Gabriel wasn't using elbows to hit him, it was legal.  

Taheerah and I sparred.  She got me with a right to my stomach, and I stepped back and fell.  Alan kept telling me to use my right hand more.  I got in a direct hit with a right hand that came over her left.  Taheerah made sure I wasn't going to do that again.  But then I heard Alan say, "Overhand."  I threw an overhand right that caught Taheerah.  Gabriel and Khan were watching -- I heard them go, "Ooh!"  Later, both Alan and Gabriel told me that was a good punch.  "That was the best I've ever seen you throw that punch," Alan commented.

Andre (not to be confused with Tall Andres) came in with Louis.  They didn't stay long.  Andre said he was very interested in fighting in Loyola Park's boxing show next month.  Louis said that Andre has been training him.

Gabriel worked the punch mitts with both Taheerah and Matthew.  I'm really sorry I left the camera at home, because those would have been some good shots, especially of Gabriel leaning down to Taheerah's height so she could get the punches in properly.

The above photo is a couple of years old.  There are at least three more heavy bags there now.  I wish I could take one of them home, but there's nowhere to hang it in my apartment.  I could have used one at home tonight  because I haven't quite take all of the edge off of my being pissed off at work yet.  

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