Thursday, August 22, 2013

Training Without Alan

Alan had to take his son back up to college, so I was running the show.  Mary made sure to remind Alan that there was to be no sparring while he was out.

It was a pretty chill evening.  Everybody -- Colonel, Matthew, Taheerah, Gabriel, John -- did their training. Andre and Louis came in for a little while and talked about participating in show fights and park district fights.  Louis was very surprised to learn the park district fights were three rounds, one minute a round.  I ran into Louis and Andre yesterday while I was walking home from work.  They've been training a lot in the park.

In this photo, Taheerah stands at the coach's desk.  I showed her how to do an overhand right later in the evening.

Gabriel had a green drink with him that he said was "healthy" but tasted as unappetizing as it looked.  It had to be better than drinking pop, which I've been trying to drop from my diet completely.  I used to drink whole liters of Coke back in the day.  Never thought there would ever be a time in my life when I would have to give pop up.

John working one of the heavy bags.

Josh came in about twenty minutes before the gym closed.  He had his two kids, an adorable girl, and a very energetic boy, with him.

Gabriel working the punch mitts with Josh's son.

I was a bit tired for some reason, so I didn't train as much as I normally would.  It's just as well because when Alan is out, I'm always more concerned with observing everything that's going on in the gym to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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