Thursday, August 15, 2013

Recognizing Wear and Tear

Late Tuesday afternoon, my middle and upper back was bothering me.  I squirmed in my chair most of the last three hours I was at work.  Luckily, Tuesday was an office work day, not a cleaning day, or else I would have been in extra misery.  The following morning, I was very stiff, and I could barely get up.  After debating with myself for a half-hour, I called Pastor Roger to tell him I wouldn't be in.  The problem is, I have to make up those hours before the week is out, which means having to work part of the day on Saturday.

Unless I'm deathly ill, however, I still go down to the gym.  I told Alan I wasn't up to sparring because my body wasn't up to it.  I kept a heating pad on my back and right shoulder most of the day.  I didn't feel much of a difference.  "Why are you here?" Alan asked.  "I got tired of sitting in the house all day," I replied.  "Crazy," Alan said, and I agreed with him.

Only Professor and Gabriel sparred.  Professor said later that was the first time he had sparred with someone so tall -- Gabriel is about six foot four, and a southpaw on top of that.  They had a good few rounds with each other.  They plan to do that again next week.

Later, Professor gave Taheerah some boxing tips.  In the photo above, Professor used my punch mitts to help her practice some punches.  He also had her doing push ups and burpees.  Taheerah's in good shape; I admired how she did standard push ups.  I have to do the "girl" push ups these days, and my knees can't take too many of those anymore.  Professor was pushing her a lot, but she did the burpees well, too.  She was interested in sparring, but I had to listen to my body today and take it easy.

Tyson asked when my nieces, Erica and Jalissa, were coming back to the gym.  "Jalissa lives here, but Erica lives in Florida," I answered.  "Oh, she was just visiting? When she visits next time, tell her to bring the sunshine with her!" Tyson said.  The temperatures were low for an August day.  Right now, the temperatures are down in the mid-50s.  I wore a hoodie to the gym, and I really needed it later when Alan dropped me off.

I felt okay enough to dance around the apartment when I got home -- I had my MP3 player on -- but now I feel my back and joints going back to the condition they were earlier in the day.  Sigh. . . .I don't feel like cleaning the church anymore than I feel like cleaning my apartment.  I guess I'll have to push through and get everything done.  Boxing is wear and tear on me, but so is being a custodian.  I'm beginning to believe being a custodian has been worse wear and tear on me than boxing has ever been.

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