Monday, February 04, 2013

When I Really Needed A Camera

I trudged home through a couple of feet of snow, got inside my apartment and realized I had to immediately turn around and go right back out.  I grabbed all my gym stuff but forgot to bring my camera.

I didn't notice that the camera wasn't on me until after I got to the gym.  Igor was standing in the hallway with his buddy Victor, who I hadn't seen in a long time.  A young man named Alad (I hope I have the spelling correct) was waiting for the gym to open, too; he was with Victor, who is his trainer. 

A lot of sparring rounds were done, but neither Kenny or I participated.  Kenny spent most of the evening coaching others.  Both of my knees were bothering me, especially the right one.  I shadow boxed most of the night.  I only did a couple of rounds on the black heavy bag and a double end bag that Colonel brought in. 

Bearded Ben, Ben With Glasses, Joe (who had gotten a shave and a haircut) and Alad sparred.  But the true surprise happened when Igor actually got suited up properly and stepped into the ring.  Igor hadn't truly sparred since Steve was the coach.  The last person I remember Igor sparring with was JJ, and that was about nine years ago.  Igor first went a few rounds with Alad.  Alad appeared to give Igor a lot of respect.  He wasn't hitting him as hard as I suspected he could have.  I noticed that Igor had his right hand down a lot.  If I had been sparring with him, I would have thrown left hooks to the head quickly followed by right hooks. 

Igor also sparred a few times with Victor.  It didn't seem that Victor was putting a lot of force behind the punches, either.  Victor had a camera which he used to videotape all of Alad's rounds.  He also set the camera to take photos of him and Igor after they sparred.  Igor loved that; he always migrates to a camera when it's around, although not so much towards mine anymore. 

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