Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good Dental Advice

Sara throws a right at the pad

Alan works the pads with Sara

Sara throws a hook

Alan holds the pads for Vachel

Vachel and Alan

Ben and Kenny

Louis and Walter

Louis and Walter

Louis and Walter in between rounds

Kenny and Brandy

Kenny holds pads for Brandy

Kenny and Brandy work the pads

On Wednesday night, Ben put in a light-hearted complaint about the music coming out of the iPod that Colonel brought in.  I believe the iPod in the dock belonged to Kenny.  "Whoever can last three rounds with me can change the music," Kenny said.  "Challenge!  Kenny has offered a challenge!" I grinned.  Kenny changed the songs up without anyone taking him up on his offer.

Vachel was surprised to learn that the boxing program runs all year.  "Unlike other sports, like football, boxing doesn't have seasons.  It just keeps going," I explained.  She said she might take some time off in the spring, but the hours of the gym will work well for her come summer.  In the summer, she plays softball on the days when the adult gym is not in session.

I sparred with Brandy for two rounds, then I sparred with Sara for one round.  Brandy kept popping me in the stomach with jabs.  I just was not covering up well in that area.  Her hits were on target.  Later, she said she liked that particular punch.  We were not doing an all out war, but our pace was good.  I promised Sara that I would go light, and I did.  I did not want to let something fly too hard and knock her out like I did last year. 

Now the sparring session between Louis and Walter was a war for the first two rounds.  Alan kept telling them to slow it down.  The men were tangled up on the ropes several times, prompting Colonel to say, "Don't knock my ring down!"  Walter stopped and stumbled to the ropes in the second round.  It appeared that he had walked into a punch that Louis had thrown.  But Walter quickly recovered, and the action resumed. 

Paul came in, and he gave me some pointers.  It seemed when I was sparring with Brandy, I kept throwing the overhand right (which she quickly telegraphed and avoided).  But instead of going to the body with uppercuts or hooks, I kept on throwing punches up in the air.  Paul advised me to throw the overhand right, then duck low, and come in with the body shots, preferably uppercuts. 

In light of how Kenny was able to overtake me on Monday, I asked Alan how to deal with a fighter who moves quickly around the ring.  "I can't chase them, because I'll get tired out," I said.  "Then you've got to cut off the ring and back them into the corners," Alan explained.  I may have to eat some punches going in, but once the other person has no escape, then I can get in on the inside and let my punches go. 

Earlier in the day, I had to go back to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned.  I couldn't even remember the last time I went in for a teeth cleaning.  Judging by all the scraping that had to be done, I really needed it.  The dentist told me that I need to brush and floss my teeth twice a day.  He explained that saliva is not moving around in the mouth at night to help wash away food particles.  The particles then sit, giving bacteria a chance to grow.  If the teeth are brushed and flossed at night, the mouth is cleaner.  That gave me an idea: brushing and flossing after having the last meal of the day is a great way to cut down on late night snacking.  The temptation to "dirty up" a clean mouth is cut down.  That would be helpful for boxers trying to make weight for a fight. 
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