Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Bad Knees and Body Shots

My bad knees and I made it to the gym Wednesday evening.  I did a lot of shadow boxing again, and I wasn't moving around much because, well. . . .I couldn't move very well.  Both knees were stiff as a board.  Maybe the cold weather has something to do with it or the fact that I'm standing a lot at work.

Louis sparred with Joe (who's wearing the green shirt in the photo above).  Louis had his hands down a lot, but so did Joe.  Both men were bouncing a lot.  Louis' chin was up in the air, and Joe landed several shots.  Joe had Louis backed up in the corner during a moment, and Louis lifted his left leg to block him.  "Don't use your leg like that!" Alan warned. 

I sparred with Brandy, even though common sense was telling me to beg off due to my knees.  But I hung in there, and got in an overhand right which was timed better than the ones I usually throw.  Brandy took advantage of the fact that I kept dropping my right hand every time I threw a jab.  After being hit in the face several times, and once hard enough that I was stunned, I remembered to keep that hand up.  She also got me with a good right hook to the body.  I hadn't been hit there for a long time, and I felt it.

I watched as Sara worked with Alan on the punch mitts.  Sara and I had only sparred a few times the last time she was attending the gym on a regular basis.  We've sparred once since she's returned.  From what I remember, Sara does get in some hard hits occasionally.  I noticed she got some good hooks and rights in on the punch mitts.
After the gym closed for the evening, Alan and I stopped into a coffee shop.  He needed help in getting a wi-fi connection on the new laptop his job gave him.  It was a nice laptop, thinner than ones usually are.  I was trying to find a connection; there were wi-fi connections galore including the one the coffee shop uses.  But Alan needed to specifically get on the one provided by his day job.  When the building I lived in used to have wi-fi, I had to click on a specific connection to access it.  I learned quickly that it did not extend anywhere else, despite showing up on a list of connections, other than at home.  I'm no computer expert -- Alan joked, "I could have gotten Igor to help me!" -- but I think the password he had will only allow him to connect to the wi-fi at home or at his job. 

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