Monday, February 11, 2013

Boxing and Attitude

It wasn't that good of a day.  In fact, I haven't had good days for awhile.  My mood has been in the dumpster, and this time, I can't blame it on menopause.  The eleventh anniversary of my younger sister's death was a few days ago.  I don't take it as hard as I used to do, but it still bothers me.  I've never been able to shake the thought that she shouldn't be dead, that something could have and should have happened that would have prolonged her life. 

I'm not adjusting to this "new economy" very well.  Every time I see someone on the Over 50 and Out of Work web site ( grumbling about how employers are practicing age discrimination against those of us who are middle-aged, I get angry.  I'm getting the same thing these days, and I dread sending out resumes I know will be ignored.  I'm over 50 and underemployed, and that does not mean happiness. 

Monday is always a busy day at work, and often a frustrating day as well.  One of the more annoying food pantry patrons called almost an hour ahead of the time when people are allowed to call in for appointments.  Then, they called in way later than the appointed time, after the patrons who came in person, and a few who called in ahead of them, had filled up the list.  They whined on the phone like a two-year old because they couldn't get a pantry appointment for tomorrow.  "Whoa, whoa, hold up," I irritably told them before explaining, for the umpteenth damn time, that the pantry operates on a first come, first served basis.  "Can we ban people from the pantry for being annoying?" I asked Pastor.  "Good morning to you, too," he said.  "Yeah, good morning, and these people have already gotten on my nerves.  Good morning," I grumbled. 

Later, he asked me to change the wording in an item in the bulletin reminding people that the secretary's office is not open on Sunday.  In other words, I'm there to worship, not to type, copy, or print out things that people could have asked me to do during the week.  I commented that I was tired of people rushing up to me with requests after service on Sunday.  Pastor told me to "lose the attitude."  "Well, things aren't going well for me, so this is my attitude for the time being," I snapped. 

It is times like these that I'm always grateful that I can go to a boxing gym, do some sparring and beat on the light and heavy bags. 

Kenny and Brandy sparred for a few rounds.  Colonel commented that Brandy appeared to be hitting the air most times.  "Put your elbows closer together!" he told her, as Alan watched the action intensely.  They locked up together many times, prompting Alan to call, "Break!" 

Then Brandy did something that I've only been able to do to Kenny once.  She caught him in the mid-section with a right.  Kenny leap back.  "Good one!" Alan said.  Kenny did not make the mistake of letting her catch him with something else.  He got in, made his shots, then danced away before she could respond.  "She made me look bad.  I don't like getting caught like that!" he said, grinning but serious.  "I know!" I grinned back.  Shortly after, Kenny worked with Brandy on the pads.  "I bet if Brandy would compete in the Golden Gloves again, she would come out number one," Colonel commented.

I sparred with Kenny, too, but I wasn't aggressive enough until the third round I was in the ring.  Kenny decided to fight me on the inside, which made it a little easier for me to throw the punches.  But still, none of my punches were very effective, and Kenny was good at picking his shots.  When I came out of the ring, huffing and puffing, Brandy looked at me and said, "Yeah, I know, right?"

In this picture, Walter worked on punching drills with Hallie. 

Alan (in the dark top) shares the heavy bag with Vachel (in the green top).

Igor was mumbling something about wanting to spar next Monday.  I think Alan was asking why did Igor not want to spar tonight.  As usual, Igor had some excuse that was unintelligible.  I resisted the temptation to step up and tell Igor that I was available to step into the ring. 

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