Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Testing At The Coach's Clinic

Kenny and Ben's action
Ben and Kenny in a tangle
Ben and Louis in the corner

Sarah returned to the gym Monday night, and so did Sara and Brandy, who had each missed some days.  But none of the women sparred with each other.  I ended up sparring with Kenny.

But before that, there was sparring action between Louis, Kenny, Ben One, and Ben Two (there are two guys named Ben in the gym right now).  Unfortunately, I had to discard the pictures I took of Ben Two and Kenny -- the photos came out blurred.  As usual, Kenny was coaching as he was sparring.  Kenny is a good coach. 

That's why I like sparring with him.  It's always a challenge because Kenny is very fast.  I can't catch him when he starts dancing around the ring.  Before the third round, Kenny told me that I had to get more aggressive.  "Really throw those punches, because if you don't, you know I'm going to eff you up!" he told me.  "I know," I replied, as I made up my mind to really get in there.  I did better in that round.  I even stepped around to throw a right hook after throwing a jab.

Alan asked about what happened at a coach's clinic I attended this past Saturday.  It was held at Sam Colonna's boxing gym, which is on 35th Street, out on the south side.  It's a new location; the previous gym had been a few blocks over from where the White Sox play ball.  Nice open, airy space.  It sits in a building that houses other businesses.  I walked into a furniture store on the premises by accident.  They directed me to go around to the side of the building. 

I needed to attend the clinic because I hadn't been to one since 2009.  I was halfway down to the train station when I realized I'd left my coach's license book at home.  Couldn't go back to get it or else I would have been late for the clinic.  Fortunately, I was able to get another book when I got to my destination.

There was a nice sized crowd.  Rita, Sam, Tina and Yale were there.  David Diaz, a former professional boxer was there, as was Dominick George, a popular local boxer.  George has a fight this upcoming Friday, so he was there to get his workout in.

Everyone was required to take a test regarding USA Boxing's rules.  Some were applying for Level 2 status, but the majority, including myself, were renewing at Level 1 status.  Level 1 coaches volunteer at local gyms with amateur boxers.  We also had to pay to renew our coaches' licenses.  The process went fast and smoothly, then Sam told everyone to stick around because he had ordered pizza.

I saw Metzger, a boxer whom I've been acquainted with for several years.  He just recently became a dad.  "The baby has gained a few more pounds," he told me.  From the pictures I've seen, his son is cute.  His son also looks like he's ready to go to the gym to learn how to box from his dad. 

Alan said he has to go to a clinic, but he groaned when he learned the next one is going to be held at a gym in Downers Grove.  I had learned only a few days before about the clinic that was at Sam's gym.  I was very happy that it was being held within city limits. Most of the clinics have been held out in the suburbs, most of which are a problem to get to without a car.

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