Thursday, January 24, 2013

Steppin' At Club Loyola

Bean talks with Kenny

Alan holds pads for Reygie

Hallie shadow boxes in the mirror

Colonel eyes the tear drop bag 

Louis talks to Ben

Amy works the speed bag

Kenny pounds the heavy bag

Bean came in and said, "Not many people here. . .this is nice."  The crowd was not as big as it had been the past few days.  A new guy named Ben (not to be confused with the other Ben who's currently signed up) came in; he used to box at Hamlin Park and Clarendon Park. 

Reygie came in a little later, not looking or sounding well.  "I'm under stress, and I just feel tired.  If I don't feel well on Friday, I'm not going to fight," he said.  He worked pads with Alan and did a regular workout, but no sparring.  Alan left a message for Sam, who's promoting the fight, to tell him he'll keep him posted on whether or not Reygie will be up to participating in the bout.

Sam has remodeled and re-opened his gym, Sam Colonna Boxing, MMA and Fitness, which is located on the south side.  I also learned of a new gym over in the Pilsen neighborhood called Body Shot Boxing.   I spend a lot of time at Loyola Park, but it is good sometimes to get a workout at another spot, and perhaps spar with some fresh faces.  I plan to go take a look at both gyms when I get a chance.  I still need to get over to Hamlin Park at some point, too. 

I shadow boxed most of the time, and stayed mainly in the ring.  All the bags were occupied a majority of the time.  I didn't get to hit one until near the end of the evening.  I wasn't moving well.  My knees weren't hurting, but they weren't moving like I wanted them to do.  When I wasn't shadowboxing, I held pads for Vachel, and I gave tips to Louis on how to use the speed bag.

The R&B classic, "Be Thankful For What You Got" was playing on Colonel's iPod.  I was stepping and shadowboxing at the same time.  Kenny laughed as he asked Alan, "You running a boxing gym or a steppers' club -- which is it?"  "What are you doing, Hillari?  Dancing or hitting the bag?" Alan smiled.  "Both," I replied, and you know, it wasn't a bad idea.  It helped me get a rhythm.  I probably could make up a whole workout routine incorporating dancing and boxing. 

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