Monday, November 26, 2012

The Whole Tooth Of The Matter

In the above photo, sisters Sarah and Amy get their crunches in.  I need to get back to doing those, and work my way back up to doing fifty of them at a time.

Victoria and Isabella were talking to Sarah and Amy in the hallway when I got down to the field house.   I also answered a lot of their questions.  Victoria is very interested in joining the class. Victoria thinks boxing is "cool", but is not so sure about sparring.  But she might go for it later on down the line. 

Kevin, who hasn't been in the gym for months, came in to get a workout.  He ended up sparring with Reggie.

They were going along at a good pace, getting in some good punches.  Then Reggie had to stop because one of his contacts went out of place.  I never knew he wore them until tonight.  Reggie was also bleeding; Kevin had bloodied up his nose.  Kevin said, "I'm out of condition because I haven't done this for a long time."  But Kevin took some direct hard shots from Reggie, and stood up under them.

Before they got into the ring, Sarah and I sparred.  Alan kept telling me to protect my head and face with one hand, and uppercut Sarah with the other.  I managed to do it once, but Sarah hopped back and out of harm's way when I tried it again.  At first, I wasn't too keen on sparring tonight because of a dental emergency that happened on Thanksgiving.

That little white thing on the back of my hand is half of my back tooth.  I was flossing on Thanksgiving morning when I heard a crack.  For a second, I thought the flosser I was using had broken.  Then I felt something hard on my tongue.  There was no pain, just the shock of looking at the broken tooth in my hand for several minutes. 

Of course, there was no dentist to be found on the holiday, and I was ticked off because I wouldn't be able to eat the delicious food that my aunts had cooked.  I called Alan on Friday, and he recommended several dentists.  I choose one whom I had seen over a decade ago when I needed a wisdom tooth pulled.  "I thought you looked familiar!  I never forget a mouth!" the dentist said cheerfully.  A temporary crown was put on, but that will have to be replaced with a permanent crown.

After sparring with Sarah, I'm happy to report that the temporary crown is still there, even though my mouth piece wasn't covering it.  I had cut the mouth piece down some time ago because I was tired of choking on it.  But I still have to be careful.  Alan told me the flossing didn't cause my tooth to break because it was probably going to happen anyway.  I thought the way may have been set for the tooth to break because of a hit to the jaw I had taken from Reggie earlier last week.  Truth be told, that tooth had been bothering me on and off for awhile. It had to be due to having a cavity, but I ignored it. Whoever heard of an adult with cavities? It's not like I'm eating candy, ice cream and cake all the time (because of diabetes, I can't eat those items all the time anyway). 

I remembered my late sister telling me to take care of my teeth not long before she passed away from oral cancer.  Drills and needles don't scare me.  It's the price of going to the dentist that gives me the shakes.  No matter what has to be done, even if it's just having the teeth cleaned, it costs big money. 

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Lisa Creech Bledsoe said...

Yikes! So glad you got that tooth taken care of. Be sure to do the permanent crown, too. And yes, those are expensive as well, unfortunately. But worth it not to have the worry hanging over you constantly.

I was shocked to find out I had a cavity recently, too. I eat so clean and take care of my teeth and haven't had a cavity since I was a teenager. But there it was. I was so mad! But the dentist said it's not all that uncommon...