Thursday, November 22, 2012

Boxing Before Thanksgiving

I thought that just Alan and I might be the only ones at the gym Wednesday night.  Not too many others came in.  Matt and Reygie (how he correctly spells his name) were in attendance, and Nate Sr. and Nate Jr. came in to get some extra practice.  Reygie and I talked about sparring, but we didn't.

Both knees were creaking and shaking.  It didn't help that another round of menopause insomnia had kept me up until almost four o'clock in the morning.  I was slow, but I kept pushing through to work the heavy bags and do shadow boxing.  I sat down a lot in-between rounds.  I wasn't the only one whose energy wasn't up.  Reygie complained about being tired.  "How old are you, Reygie?" I asked.  "I'm 28," he said.  "Uh-huh," I commented with a smile. 


The person with the most energy was Nate Jr., who was hitting the bags with a lot of intensity.  Matt, in particular, was impressed with Nate Jr.'s style.  "Nate's been working like that ever since Nate was shorter than me," I told Matt.   These days, I have to look up at Nate Jr. who is nearly as tall as his dad.

The major news story that was discussed was the shooting of Hector "Macho" Comacho.  The driver of Comacho's car was also shot; the driver died.  As of this writing, Comacho is reportedly holding on by a thin thread.  I didn't catch why the bullets were fired.  It seems a lot of boxers have been in some bad situations throughout this year.

I forgot to mention that Rich lost the fight he had last week.  According to Alan, Rich did a good job.  But the guy Rich fought had more experience and was more aggressive. 

I didn't realize until later that Matt and Alan were actually looking at the camera when I took this shot.  I thought I had caught them off guard.  Cynthia, who originally used to attend the gym with Matt, stopped in for a few moments. 

The gym closed up about fifteen minutes early.  Everyone had that pre-holiday tiredness going on.  Alan said he was going to try and get to a nearby barber shop that gives five dollar haircuts.  "Does it take long for the barber to cut it?" Matt asked.  "What hair?  The barber only has three hairs to cut," Alan joked. 

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