Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reygie and Five Rounds

"I had two Whoppers today," Alan said.  If it isn't hot dogs from SuperDawg, it's something else.  "Where are you putting all that food?" I asked.  Alan is not overweight.  "I would have brought my workout clothes in, but that food is still sitting on my stomach," he said. 

Reygie came in groaning about being tired and getting old.  "I lifted weights yesterday, and I still feel it," he explained.  He and I agreed to do a couple of rounds of sparring.  We ended up doing three rounds.

It was one of those nights when I had picked up some energy from somewhere.  I moved around the bags easily, then when I got into the ring, I was moving quicker than I usually do.  Reggie switched to southpaw a few times.  I made the mistake of moving to his right to avoid the incoming punches, instead of moving to the left, but I corrected that quickly. 

Reygie ended up doing five rounds total, as he gave a round a piece to a couple of guys who came in looking for some sparring action. 

One of the guys took a serious pop in the face from Reygie, but they shook it off and got right back to business.  Another guy had a long reach, and he used it well. 

We keep half-joking around about having a Christmas/Hanukkah in the gym.  "Pot luck!" Reygie suggested with a grin.  Now it's turned into an interfaith party.  Have to cover everybody, you know.  It's a good idea, and it could happen, but without alcohol added.  Strong drinks aren't allowed on Chicago Park District property.
Owen revealed that he's part of a company that created an app for cell phones.  He's currently going to college, but he'll be going back to England for a little awhile to work at the company.  "I've invested in the company, and I want to see a return on it," he told me.  I wish I was that smart to be able to create apps for phones.  That's a lucrative business to be in these days. 

Of course, I wouldn't hit a heavy bag without gloves on my hands, so obviously, the photos above were staged.  Alan took the pictures.  They'll also turn up at some point on my web site,

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