Thursday, August 02, 2012

Beat Down Fantasies

Kenny returned to the gym on Wednesday.  "I've been working on my book and studying for the LSAT," he said.  After getting caught up on what was going on, he quickly got to work training and giving tips to others in the gym. 

Alan's left eye, which took a beating from Andy and I the other week, was still bloodshot.  "When I have my right eye operated on tomorrow, I should ask the doctor to look at the left one," he smiled. 

No one sparred last night, which is unusual.  Kenny kept saying "I'm out of shape, I'm tired", but he did do a lot of boxing drills.  Several of the guys got in the ring and threw around one of the medicine balls.  Whenever someone missed, all had to do push ups and burpees.  I should join in when they do that, but I have to build back up to the number of push ups I used to be able to do.  I haven't done burpees since I was in high school, I believe, and I wasn't good at doing them back then.  Professor invited Amy to throw around the medicine ball the next time we're all in the gym.  Alan keeps saying that Amy must have a six pack for all the crunches that she does each time she's in the gym.  "I want to see that six pack," he said.  "I'm telling Riva," I told him.

Broke a promise to myself to do a little on the exercise wheel (for ab work) each day.  I didn't use the wheel in the gym, nor did I use the one I have at home.  I'm tired of looking like I'm going to give birth in a few months.  Earlier, I passed a woman on the street who was pregnant, and I tightened my stomach muscles as I went by.

Paul (seen in the photo above on the red bag) was imitating Igor last night.  Igor was long gone by that time.  I laughed, but then it made me think that perhaps I should stop complaining about Igor.  As usual, Igor interrupted Alan while he was in the middle of a conversation with me.  Alan and I exchanged looks, and I gave Igor the side eye, but I said nothing.  He asked about when the gym fee was due.  Igor's been there about ten years, the same as me, but on and off.  I didn't get why he a) is not aware that fees are due every eight to ten weeks, and b) why was he asking Alan, when the fees aren't paid directly to the coach.  Sigh. I can grumble all day and night, but all I can do is have fantasies about taking Igor on in the ring.

I have fantasies about beating up another guy, who constantly works my nerves at the church's food pantry, as well.  Jesse told the pantry volunteers several weeks ago that I was a "mean lady".  I won't allow Jesse to scam the pantry, disrespect me, or disrespect the volunteers, which is why he thinks that.  This past Monday, he made the mistake of saying it within my earshot.  I snapped on him, and Jesse had the nerve to chuckle.  Jesse should have been banned from the pantry three years ago when I first caught him scamming.  But Pastor Roger is a lot more patient with people's shortcomings than I am, so Jesse is still allowed to be there.  I had a boxing T-shirt on that day we had our run-in.  I should have pointed to it and told Jesse, "I not just wearing it to make a fashion statement.  Watch yourself."  Sharon, one of the food pantry volunteers, was a witness to Jesse being a smart mouth that day.  Jesse was unaware that her presence saved him from me really going off on him.

Alex will be returning to Ohio State soon to continue school.  I'm going to miss him.  I hope he's able to continue training while he's at school. 

I heard someone got knocked down five times during one of the Olympic men's boxing matches.  I really should have been recording those matches since they all take place during the day.  But I'm really saving up my blank DVDs to record the women's matches which begin this Sunday.  I will be talking about those matches on here as they take place.

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