Tuesday, July 31, 2012

One To Three

On Monday evening, Alan told me he talked to Jake (Jacob).  Jake said he'll return to the gym when the Fall session begins in a few weeks.  Professor, who was in the gym, smiled, "That's what's up!"  He had just been talking to Andre about Jake.

I was a little delayed in leaving my house for the gym because I was watching the Olympics.  I got home from work just in time to catch the tail end of the boxing competition.  It's unfortunate that boxing is shown early in the morning and in the afternoons during the weekdays.  I'm thinking about watching some of tomorrow's matches on the computer at work.  Over the weekend, I was able to watch a majority of the matches.  I had to agree with analyst Teddy Atlas that the current computerized scoring system is a problem.  Fortunately, that system will be gone when the Summer Olympics take place again in 2016. 

Andres was MIA last week due to work, but he was back in the gym, taking on all comers.  In the photo above, Alex and Andres mixed it up during what was another entertaining sparring session between them.  The two are a year apart in age; Alex is 19 years old and Andres is 20 years old.  Andres popped Alex several times with some hooks.  The impact looked as if Andres was throwing bricks instead of his fists.  Alex rebounded to catch Andres with some solid straight lefts and rights. 

Jason (in the black top) was iffy about stepping into the ring with Andres.  Andres got him with something -- I can't remember what punch it was -- and Jason stopped for a minute to get right before continuing.  They are both about the same height, but Andres is bigger than Jason in weight. 

Andre (in the blue jersey) was more successful in keeping Andres away and off of him.  Andres appears to be grinning in the above photo.  He's always encouraging people to hit him harder.  Andres had Andre up in the corner, but Andre threw some quick inside shots and spun out of the situation. 

I sparred with Andre, which was another exercise in frustration.  For every one punch I threw, Andre would come back with three fast ones.  Alan kept telling me to block his jab with my right, but I couldn't block most of the punches he threw.  A couple of times, Andre did give me a chance to work on offense, but then it was back to him zipping in and out, and me missing him with most of my punches. 

Alan said that anyone who signs up for a boxing class at one Chicago Park District field house can train at any Park District boxing gym during the session for which they are signed up.  That got the attention of most of us.  Jason told me that he doesn't work out elsewhere, so he might try out one of the other gyms to get an extra day of exercise in.  Bill at Hamlin has told me several times that I could come over there and get some sparring in.  I need to do that; perhaps I could spar with Meg if she's still training there.  Professor suggested that Andre go up to Seward Park on the near north side and check them out.

Later, I was telling Alan how I was ticked when I read boxing promoter Bob Arum's comments about women's boxing in the latest issue of The Ring magazine.  "Women's boxing will be laughed out of the Olympics," he said.  Really?  Three of those women boxing in the Olympics will take home medals.  It may not be Queen, Marlen, and Clarissa, who are all from the USA, but it'll be someone.  When the women get the gold, silver and bronze medals around their necks, I'd like to see if Arum will laugh then.  If the man is smart, he'll sign them all up to box professionally. 

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