Sunday, August 05, 2012

Baoding Balls

Looking for a new way to strengthen your hands?  Try using baoding balls.

About three years ago, Virginia, the wife of the pastor of the church where I attend, gave me a pair of baoding balls.  She had acquired them during the time she spent in China as a missionary.  I had seen baoding balls before, but I had no idea how to use them.  After checking online, I found some information and videos that explained how to use them. 

There are various types of baoding balls.  The balls are either made of metal or stone (keep in mind that the stone ones can chip easily if they're dropped).  Some chime when they are touched.  Martial arts suppliers sell them, or you can buy them online. They come in different weights and sizes.  Test out a few to see how they feel in your hands. 

Pretend that there is a stick in the middle of the hand and move the balls around.  Move them in one direction and then the other.  As you feel comfortable with using two of them, more balls can be added. 

I've learned to rotate them in either direction on both hands, but I could always use more practice.  They do appear to have a calming effect when I use them, which is another benefit in addition to improving my finger and hand strength. 

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