Thursday, January 13, 2011

There's Always That First Real Pop In The Face

I hobbled down to the gym again Wednesday.  I was wearing knee supporters, one on each knee.  My right leg has really had to do a lot of work since my left knee is still mainly out of commission.  I was hitting one of the bags when Alan gave me a curious look.  "You're not sparring tonight, are you?" he asked.  "Of course not!  I'm stubborn, but not that stubborn," I grinned.

Michael and Jacob sparred; they did three rounds and a half, exchanging some good shots.  "You've got a little blood on you," I pointed out to Jacob when it was all over.  Michael had tagged him in his nose.  Both men were tired, but agreed that it was a good session. 

Eric was sporting a black eye.  "How did you get that?" I asked.  "Jamil", he answered.  They had sparred the other day, but I didn't realize that Eric had taken that kind of a hit.  Later, he made a comment about people maybe not being as wild when they fight without headgear.  "Not to say that I would do that," Eric grinned.  "Me neither.  I'm too old to do that," I said.  "I have to protect this," he grinned, indicating his face as he stepped into the ring. "This is all I've got going for me!"

Josh had come in earlier than he usually does, and he decided to move around in the ring with Eric.  Josh was rather tight in his movements.  He also kept picking his front leg up as if he was going to kick Eric.  Both Alan and I had to warn Josh to keep his leg down.  I recognized the pattern.  When I was taking martial arts and boxing classes back to back, I often had to remember not to use movements in one discipline that belonged in another. 

Suddenly, Eric popped Josh in the face with a right.  The round was far from half-way over.  Josh had to stop for a minute.  "Take a few deep breaths.  You're alright," Alan told him.  Josh had sparred a few times before, but that was the first time I had saw him experience a hit like that.  The action continued, and Josh was done after that round. 

Oscar, whom I hadn't seen in months, came in.  Alan said, "Oscar is a good fighter," and I agreed.  He and I sparred often.  We were a good match because we are about the same height.  "You know, he fought for a few years in Mexico," Alan continued.  That would explain why Oscar always appeared to look like he really knew what he was doing.  Oscar plans to return to the gym. 

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