Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mondays Only

I had half a mind not to go down to the gym on Monday.  Despite of it being Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the gym was open.  I had fallen asleep, and had a hard time waking up.  My knee has improved, but not enough to do any sparring.  The thought that Monday is the only day I'll be able to get to the gym for awhile also bummed me out.  If only that paralegal class I have to take was not scheduled on Wednesdays.  I'll have to do a boxing workout on another day of the week, on my own, depending on how much my left knee can take.

Alan's arms were looking devoid of hair.  "Did you shave your arms?" I asked.  He laughed.  "Yeah, I had my wife help me do it.  It'll look odd for awhile until it grows back in.  I got tired of looking like Teen Wolf.  That's what Leon used to call me," he said. 

Professor sparred with Jamil, and it was a good session, full of left handed action.  I videotaped it using Professor's cell phone.  A new guy, Kenny, went a couple of rounds with Oscar.  Alan kept telling Oscar "Break!" and Oscar kept hitting Kenny anyway. 

I saw a Jordan listed on the attendance sheet.  Alan asked me who it was.  I'm wondering did Mary's speech about "no pay, no play" the other week prompted Jordan to scare up the gym fee.  If it was that Jordan, he didn't come in.  Jordan didn't come in regularly back in the day when Steve was the coach, so. . .

I stepped on the blue scale in the gym.  "Under one-eighty.  Not by much, but under it," I thought.

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