Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Three In The Ring

Carlos returned last night with his son Justin in tow.  "You've gotten taller.  Soon, I'm going to have to look up to you," I told the boy, who's now in first grade.  "So am I," Carlos grinned.  He worked a little bit in the ring with his cousin Erica.  He was popping her -- lightly, however -- in her face and stomach.  "You're not wearing headgear?" I asked her.  "I'm okay," she said.  She had told me previously that her and Carlos wrestled each other a lot when they were kids. 

Earlier, Erica and I sparred.  She hit me in the nose twice.  The second nose hit came close to having me laid out on the canvas.  I also took some hard body shots.  Charlene and I sparred before that; she's 6 foot 1, a full foot taller than I.   I practiced on deflecting jabs by patting by swatting hers down. 

Adam, whom I sparred with last, was a surprise in regards to how hard he hits.  I bobbed and weaved to avoid his right, only to catch it on the top of my head.  Then he kept catching me with numerous body shots.  I'm surprised I don't feel any of them today.  But due to my delayed reaction to pain, tomorrow may be the day the pains show up.  

Shanice was another new person in the gym last night.  She and Charlene are about the same height.  Those two would make good sparring partners based on their height alone. 

Looks like the rematch between I and Andrea may be on.  I am free to go to Hamlin Park's boxing show next week.  Alan, however, wasn't sure about if anybody else was going to be able to go. Jamil didn't come in last night, and neither did Eric.  I'm not sure if Professor wants a fight at Hamlin.  Carlos just got back in the game, so it's a little too soon to talk about him getting a fight. 

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