Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Punch Before The Bell

Erica and I were sparring Wednesday night.  She has a lot of power.  It is hard to push her back once she gets started.  We did a couple of rounds.  She and I were both really tired at the end of round one, but Alan told us both to walk around the ring and breath.  It helped, but it wasn't long into the second round where I began struggling with stamina again.  At the end of the round, a second before the bell rang, Erica caught me right in the nose.  I fell up against the ropes.  She hugged me.  "Are you okay?" Erica asked.  "I'm fine. That was a good one!" I said, and it was true. 

Jamelle (not Jamal as I had been spelling his name) sparred with Adam.  Both of them were worn out at the end of their couple of rounds.  Charlene and Erica sparred for one round before I got in the ring with Erica.  Other than that, it was kind of quiet in the gym with everybody doing their own thing.  Most of the new people were not in attendance.

I keep feeling my nose.  It's been punched in more times than usual.  Back in 2003, I had an operation to correct a deviated septum.  If I keep dropping my hands, I'll be back to have it fixed again.

A search around the gym for the T-shirts that were not given out during the boxing show didn't turn them up.  Barry was going to leave them somewhere for me, along with the videotape of the show so I could have it put on DVD.  The plan also included giving shirts to Professor and Evangelina as they participated in the show.  Maybe I wasn't looking in the right places.  I'll ask Barry again where the goods are. 

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