Thursday, September 30, 2010

Giving A Knee

Now I am even more aware of being hit in my eyes.  I sparred with David last night, and got popped in my left eye.  On Monday night, Evangelina got me in my right eye.  Perhaps I will need quad-focals (I already wear tri-focals) after it's all over with.  Alan had told David "you can hit her" when I was in the ring, but when Erica got in with David next, Alan told him to take it easy.  "Why did you tell him to take it easy on her, but to beat me?" I laughed.  I also sparred with Jeannie, but very lightly.  I let her get more hits on me than I did on her. 

I need to call Barry because he has a DVD of all the fights that took place at the boxing show last Friday.  I'll pay for a copy, if that's the case.  I really need to look at my fight again.  Cynthia, a staff member at Loyola Park, told me that I had given Andrea a knee during our fight.  "You were fighting her like she had stolen your purse and you were doing MMA!" she laughed.  "I gave her a knee?" I said, shocked.  "I was hoping the referee didn't catch it," Cynthia continued.  If that happened like that, I glad he didn't see it, either.  That could have been either a point deduction or a disqualification.  It was not intentional, believe me! 

Ralphie had good news: his wife gave birth to a boy, whom they named Gabriel Rafael.  "I'm Rafael, my dad is Rafael. . .I decided to give that to him as his middle name," Ralphie smiled.  Mother and child are doing fine, as they say. 

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