Friday, October 15, 2010

Taking It To The Canvas

There was a lot of sparring activity in the gym on Wednesday.  A lot of guys on hand, and as usual, I found myself to be the only female on the premises.  "You wanna spar today?" Alan asked.  "Yeah, depending on who's available.  Otherwise, don't worry about it," I told him.  I ended up in the ring with Ralphie.  I have a habit of smothering someone against the ropes and in corners.  "If you smother him," Alan said from behind the ropes, "he can't throw any punches."  In other words, I had to give the man some room to breathe.  Ralphie grabbed my arms at one point to cut my punches.

Carlos returned to Energizer Bunny mode, as he was in with Jamil and Ralphie.  I wish I hadn't left my camera at home.  I could have gotten a good shot of Carlos' son Justin, watching his father spar with great interest.  Professor sparred with Jamil, I think.  I had my back turned while I worked on the bags.

Barry left a message last night to say he didn't see anyone from Loyola at Hamlin's boxing show.  Maybe I should have gone, regardless of the fact that I didn't have a fight.  I like Hamlin's boxing shows; there are a lot of good fighters at that field house.  I was busy fussing with an extra credit assignment that I needed to turn in to my Business Law instructor.  I took the video of Loyola's boxing show up to Evanston earlier yesterday to have it converted to DVD, but I forgot that the Wolf Camera location there is gone.  I'll have to go elsewhere, either later today or over the weekend to get it done.

I had told Pastor Roger about the religious conversations that I have often with Alan.  Pastor had suggested that I come to Sunday School on Missions Sunday later this month.  There will be a teaching on how to talk to Jewish people about Jesus.  My thing is this: most know that I'm a Christian.  I do mention it from time to time, depending on the conversation.  But I don't believe in beating people over the head with the Bible.  It annoys me when other Christians come to me like that.  If someone else is dead-set in their beliefs, then there is not much that I or anyone else can say to change their minds.  At that point, it's best to respect their viewpoint and stop trying to do a military-style conversion.

Alan laughed as he was driving me home, "Your pastor thinks I'm trying to convert you."  I had to laugh at that thought, too.  "I find it interesting to know," I told him.  I know some things about Judaism, but not a lot, and I suspect that a lot of Christians, unless they've spent time in theology school, don't know a lot about it either.

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