Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alan and the Little Boy

Deep voiced Mike came in last night with a five-year-old boy whom he introduced as his cousin.  The boy put on some sparring gloves, and Alan attempted to show him how to keep his hands up and throw punches.  The little boy was very shy.  Several of us in the gym encouraged the little guy on. 

I sparred with J (I had refered to her as Kyra, but I was incorrect), a very quiet young woman who started coming to the gym this fall.  Alan gave his usual instruction to me to throw punches downstairs and then go upstairs.  I did it a little too well, as I caught her in the ribs.  We both had to stop to give her time to regroup and catch her breath.  During both rounds, I got hooks in and dead-on punches to the face.

Later, Alan held the punch shield for me.  Mike's little cousin watched us with interest.  After Alan and I did a couple of rounds, the older man invited the little boy into the ring.  They got into a mock boxing match, with Alan on his knees to give Mike's cousin more of an advantage.  I was hanging over the ropes loudly saying to Mike's cousin: "Get him, get him!  There you go!  Body shots! Get him in the jaw!  Hooks!"  Alan pretended like he was being overwhelmed by the boy, and he fell out on the canvas.  "Don't you feel strong?" Mike asked his cousin.  "Yes!" the little boy said enthusiastically.  "I'm going to get you," Alan pointed to the boy in jest.  I couldn't help but think that Alan may have been remembering good times playing with his son like that when Matthew was small.

Eric came in after being out for a little while.  He said that he may not be back in again for a couple of weeks.  His wife is due to give birth to their second son any day now.

Looks like I won't have a fight at Hamlin this week.  Bill told Alan that the three women fighters he has are already matched up.  There are several more Chicago Park District boxing shows between now and early December; I may get another fight or two before Christmas. 

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