Monday, October 18, 2010

The Smell of Varnish

Tonight was the second time I was greeted by the strong smell of varnish when I entered the field house.  Maintenance laid it on heavy in the gym last week, and I had the fan on full blast to air it out.  "They put a second coat on, and my eyes were watering," staff member Carolyn told me.  I had the fan on again tonight, but it got too cold in the gym, and I had to turn it back off.

Only Jamelle, Danny, Mike L., Charlene, and Jamil were in the gym tonight.  "Where is everybody?" Charlene asked.  "It thins out when it gets cold outside.  But in January, it'll get crowded because of people training for the Golden Gloves," Alan answered. 

Charlene and I sparred, and Alan kept telling me to roll and come up with a hook.  But Charlene has very long arms, and I had to figure out how to get past those first.  I was able to get in a hook here and there, but I took more hits than I gave.  I tried to focus on being an inside fighter, but once again, it was a challenge avoiding her arms.  My chin was up too often, and I ate a lot of punches.  Afterwards, I watched Jamelle and Jamil.  Jamil got three rights in succession on Jamelle (Jamil is a southpaw), and he caught Jamelle more times in the face.  Alan told Jamelle during a break, "If you catch him with a good punch, you could send him flying to outer space."  Jamelle got a few in, but I don't think he hurt Jamil much.  Jamelle's form was very good. 

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