Friday, September 03, 2010

Seeing To Box

Wednesday was another night of limited sparring action, as only Anthony and Jamil got into the ring.  Randy begged off sparring, stating that he wasn't keeping his hands up enough, and wanted to work on doing that. 

I suspected that a lot of the people who were in the gym during the summer session assumed that the gym wouldn't be open during the break period.  That's probably why the number of people have been so light lately.  Some of them will return later this month when the Fall session starts and be surprised that they could have come in during the break.

Carlos's cousin returned to the gym along with a friend, a very good looking guy named Adam.  They signed up for fall, but I told them they could get a workout in that night.  The only thing they wouldn't be allowed to do was sparring.  Carlos's cousin said that Carlos would be returning to the gym soon.  His work schedule has kept him out lately.

Josh showed up ten minutes before closing time wanting to work on pads.  We worked with the punch doughnut instead.  "Ten minutes is better than nothing," he stated, but the time frame doesn't allow for much of a workout either.

I had another eye exam yesterday, a more comprehensive one, at the Illinois Eye Institute.  The floaters in both eyes are something I'll have to live with.  They are more of the result of aging than injury.  The doctor, a very bubbly woman, said that she saw nothing in my right eye that looked serious.  Both her and the student doctor, Tracy, suggested something that Alan has told me time and time again:  to keep my hands up and not take so many knocks to the head.  They told they were glad that I had come in to check out the white flashes (which have stopped) in my right eye.  If anything else seems out of place, they told me to call them.

It appears that I'm good to go for having a match on September 24th.  I left a voice mail on Alan's cell to let him know.  Time to intensify the workouts that I've been doing in and out of Loyola Gym.  Not easy to do with all the reading and homework I have to do for school (plus other obligations), but I want to be as ready as I can.  Especially if I'm going to be fighting someone from Hamlin Park again.

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