Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Randy and Anthony

The only sparring that took place Monday night was between Randy and Anthony.  Mike L. wants to wait until next week to spar.  I still can't spar because of my right eye, and Danny, to my knowledge, has only sparred once, and that was when Steve was still the coach. 

Alan continually admonished Randy.  "Keep your hands up!  Hands up!  See, that's why you got hit!  You've got to keep your hands up!" he barked.  Randy and Anthony went around a couple of times. 

Once again, we had to go through the door in the basketball gym that leads to the boxing gym.  Alan went around to the main boxing door gym to get it open once the rest of us was inside.  A tall, light-skinned African-American basketball player roamed into the area, asking questions about the program before going back to the game.  Anthony commented after the basketball gym door was closed, "We should leave that door open to get a breeze."  It was crazy hot in the boxing gym, as usual.  "The problem is, when that door is open, the basketball players roam in," I told him.  Some are cool like the aforementioned b-ball player, but there have been some incidents where other basketball players were just obnoxious.  "I wouldn't care if they roamed in and out all the time.  We'd have more air.  You gotta look at the big picture, Hillari!" Anthony laughed.

Alan was telling me that when Carolyn, one of the field house staff persons, opened the door leading to the basketball gym to let us in, she wrinkled her nose.  Carolyn commented on the smell of the gym.  "I never notice it.  She probably got a good whiff because of the smell of the sparring gloves," Alan said.  The gloves are on a table nearest to that particular door.  "It's rare that I notice the smell anymore.  Once in awhile I do, and I go, 'Whoa!', but I've been in here so long that it doesn't bother me," I told him.  

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